[Reasonable VPN from China] CUP.COM US$3.00/month.

US$3.00/month.VPN connection from China and other countries and static IP address.
CUP.COM gives solution for the following users who:
・want to connect by smart phone (Android/iPhone)!
・want to connect at Wi-Fi spot!
・want to enjoy among family at plural terminals at same time!
・want to use Youtube and Facebook
 from China and other countries!
・As not heavy user, “monthly charge is lowest” is first.
CUP.COM's cloud partner: NTT Communications
CUP.COM is the reasonable VPN connecting service at US$3.00/month or 30US$/year.
With 6 IDs available at the same time, your family can enjoy at plural terminals such as PC and smart phone, or you can enjoy YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. even in China and other countries where there is some access restriction to those website.
We can provide server for VPN by static IP address. You can use it as “static IP address”, too.
Payment by credit card is possible. You can start to use in 3 minutes. Charge for three days is free.
You can start to use in 3 minutes. Charge for three days is free.
Recommendable to users who:
feel uneasy unless management company and its service is reliable.
・want to select a speedy and stable VPN connecting service.
・want to see YouTube, Facebook and Twitter from China and other countries.
・want to use VPN by smart phone (android / iPhone).
・want to be more secured by encryption of communication.
・want to start after trial use.

5 reasons why CUP.COM is selected

Can access restricted website from China and other countries.
restricted website from China and other countries.

How to avoid the restrictions

There are such countries as China, Iran, Turk and Vietnam where there is access restriction to some website. In such counties, you cannot access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
By connecting to CUP.COM’s VPN server and doing all communication through VPN, such access restriction can be avoided.

However, even VPN is not entirely safe, because the restrictions are getting severer. To this, CUP.COM has enhanced countermeasures from time to time; employment of one-time VPN server, VPN server abroad, undisclosed VPN server and sophisticated protocol. CUP.COM will continue such efforts.

CUP.COM employed Tokyo and San Francisco and Singapore Server.

Can use as Static IP address, too.

Can use as Static IP address, too.

“Static IP address”, wherever, for whatever terminals

It is possible to use CUP.COM as “static IP address” by use of feature of VPN server that its IP address is fixed.
Nowadays, illegal access and manipulation of website is increasing. In plug-in for site management control, limitation that only static IP address is acceptable is very effective.
VPN server is very suitable to make static IP address available, wherever, for whatever terminals.

However, professional users may raise a question whether CUP.COM’s system is really safe, because IP address is in common among the users. It is true. So, CUP.COM added its unique function, “limited host setting”. By this, even though static IP address of the VPN is in common among the users, the address is as safe as dedicated static IP address.

VPN protocol, applicable widely
Terminal/Circuit : VPN Correspondence Table
Mac OS X ×
Android ×
iOS(iPhone/iPad) ×
3G/LTE circuit
Wi-Fi spot

Easy connecting, wherever, for whatever terminals

VPN protocol of OS standard, no need of software, (PPTP and L2PT/IPSec) is adopted. PPTP is simple and fast. In case that PPTP is not applicable, L2PT/IPSec is used.
In case of PPTP and L2PT/IPSec, there is no need for users to install client software. These are pre-set in smart phone and tablet. You need not carry PC with you for just watching websites.

Now, ”SoftEther VPN” is applicable to CUP.COM. In this case, user is requested to install client software. ”SoftEther VPN” is strong to restrictions by authorities and routers provided by providers as incompatible to VPN.
Recently ”SOCKS4/SOCKS5/Chrome extension” is available! You can use it by windows or android or iOS or chromebook.

Max. 6 connecting IDs, available at the same time

How many terminals do you want to connect?

At CUP.COM, user can use 6 connecting IDs at most.
It is common now that a user has plural terminals.
How many in your case? Please think about your family and intimate group.
CUP.COM has realized parallel connection without any switching work.

Thus, CUP.COM can say “Our system is really compatible to smart phone and tablet”.

Stable operation in cloud environment

Our VPN server is set in Japan.

By adopting cloud environment provided by NTT Communications, CUP.COM has realized stable operation and fast telecommunication. In addition, CUP.COM has plural VPN servers for better service and case of breakdown.
(NTT Communications is global carrier ranked as Tier1. There are only several Tier1 carriers in the world and NTT Communications is only one in Asia.)
(Foreign VPN servers adopt cloud environment provided by foreign big carrier.)

CUP.COM was admitted by NTT Communications as eligible cloud partner. We will do our best in the operation.

Service charge

For three days   : free
Monthly payment  : US$3.00/each month
Yearly payment  : US$30/each year
Payment methods: PayPal, Credit cards including UnionPay
If you don’t have PayPal account, you can use credit card for settlement.
And "wechat redpacket" or "bitcoin" is available. The process is here.

You can use 6 VPN accounts at this charge, i.e. US$0.50/account!

Flow from registration to payment

Operating company

HOPEMOON CO., LTD., with 20 years history in Japan. In 1995, started mail transferring service (“cup.com”) for the first time in Japan, and is continuing this service.
Specified contractor designated by Japan Registry Service (JPRS)
Cloud partner of NTT Communications

CUP.COM Regist Start