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What is “Limited host setting”?

At CUP.COM, it is possible to use Customer’s IP address as “static IP address” through static IP address of the VPN server.

Security can be enhanced by restricting server log-in with “static IP address”.

However, VPN server is shared by Customers and static IP address of the server is shared by Customers as well. Therefore, if the shared static IP address is restricted, each Customer is not secured completely as it is.

By adopting “Limited host setting”, security of the “shared static IP address” can be enhanced.

“IP address of the objective host” are registered in advance by “Limited host setting”, and connection of the host is limited to the registered Customer. By this, connection to the objective host, though it is shared static IP address, can be limited to the registered Customer. Thus, Customer can secure same security as that given by dedicated static IP address.

This function is original function of CUP.COM.

Recently, such hacking is increasing as to log-in illegally from Control Panel of WordPress and rewrite site information. Static IP address can block illegal log-in perfectly. We do recommend to get perfect security with “CUP.COM”.