Reasonable VPN connection service「」

SOCKS5 is not VPN but proxy.It is not encrypted,but it can be connected in high speed.It is the recommened connection method when aim to read animation.Explain how to connect proxy of SOCKS5 in Drony(Android application).
(However it is possible connect to only Wi-Fi. when connect 3G/4G,usage can't be confirmed.)

Please search Drony from GooglePlay and install it.
It is possible to download APK from here.

Please start Drony and swipe and display SETTINGS screen when display LOG screen.

Please tap Wi-Fi.

Please select SSID of connecting Wi-Fi.(become little bright color )

Set IP addrress (or host name) in Hostname.
Set Account,password as the same ID,password with PPTP.
Port is 143.Set SOCKS Type as SOCKS 5.
After set it,please return to 1 screen.
(There are something that items of Proxy type don't change in Manual, just in case, display SETTINGS again and confirm it.)

Finished setting.
Tap OFF of LOG screen and change it to ON and connect it.
When display warning screen that creates VPN connection in Drony, please check it and push OK.
If communication history is displayed by the minute by connecting proxy in LOG screen, complete connection.