China・VPN connection service “CUP.COM”

Though SoftEther requires installation of client soft, it adopts SSL-VPN protocol resistant to restrictions. SoftEther is recommendable for Client who stays in a country where Internet access is restricted and has such an anxiety as VPN cannot be connected by PPTP or L2PT/IPSec, or VPN connection is often shut down or slow. VPN server “solely for SoftEther” is shown in the server list. In May, 2014, China enhanced the restrictions. In particular, SoftEther was targeted and now SoftEther, when used in the same way as before, is easier to be restricted than PPTP. In order to avoid it, CUP.COM provides SoftEther VPN server specially prepared against the restrictions. For this purpose, the IP address is not opened to the public. Please inquire the IP address through Inquiry. ※We provide this method, limiting to the case that VPN connection is impossible by any means. If Client is in such situation, please let us know the details.※

“Installation of SoftEther Client”

Click SoftEther Download Center.
In accordance with the following steps, download and install the file.
If Client cannot connect the said URL, inquire through Inquiry.We will let Client know other URL.

“Setting SoftEther Client and registration of Virtual LAN Card”

Select “Virtual Adapter” from the menu.

Select “New Virtual Network Adapter”.

Input a name easy to remember such as VPN and click “OK” button.

Wait for a while.

Virtual LAN Card is added.

Right click of mouse name of the added Virtual LAN Card and click “Open Windows Network…”

Select the name of added Virtual LAN Card from the networks shown, and double click it.

Double click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Click “Advanced…” button.

Remove check of “Automatic metric”
Input “1” as “Interface metric”.
※Through this setting, all access from the PC to Internet can be via VPN.
Click “OK” button.

Click “OK” button.

Remove check of “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”.
Click “OK” button.

Click “Control Panel” → “Network and Internet” → “Network Connection”, and click “Organize”.

“Layout” → Click “Menu bar”.

Menu is shown.
“Advanced” → Click “Advanced Setting…”

Move Virtual LAN Card added to the top by use of “↑” button. (There is no need, if it is already on the top.)
If the OS of your pc is "Windows 10 Anniversary Update(Version 1607)" or later,the tab of "Adapters and Bindings" is nothing.There is no need ,if so.

Click “OK” button.

“Setting of SoftEther Client and registration of VPN server”

On the screen of SoftEther Client, double click “Add VPN Connection”.

Refer to the log-in information on setting log-in.

Input and select as follows. [Left]
“Setting name”: name easy for Client to remember.
“Host Name”: IP address of VPN server of the above ③
“Port Number”: 443
“Virtual Hub Name”: vpn

“Auth Type”: Standard Password Authentication
“User Name”: User name of the above ①
“Password”: Log-in password of the above ②

Click “OK” button.

“The first connection”

Double click the VPN setting which Client created.

When the dialog bellow is shown in the first connection, click “Yes” button without hesitation because this is “your work network”※If wrong, it cannot be connected to the network※