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Terms of Service
CUP.COM service is VPN connecting service available at US$3.00/month or US$30/year. 6 accounts are available at the same time; the cheapest service among same services. In China and countries where there is access restriction, your family can access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. by PC, smart phone and other terminals. HOPEMOON CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) sets terms of service (herein after referred to as “Terms”) for our service to connect to VPN on Internet server (herein after referred to as “CUP.COM service” as follows.

Operation of CUP.COM service is based on this Terms.

Article 1 (Client)
  • Client expressed as“Client”in this Terms means client, person or incorporation, who, after having agreed on content of Terms, applied for registration for use of CUP. COM service in accordance with the form and procedure stated in Company’s home page and is accepted by Company.

Article 2 (General)
  • Company shall provide Client with CUP.COM service stipulated in Article 3 and perform all other obligations in the Terms.
  • Client shall pay service charge stipulated in Article 4 and shall perform all other obligations in Terms.
  • Terms shall apply to all matters between Client and Company, relating to CUP.COM service.

Article 3 (Content of service)
  • Content of CUP.COM service shall be one as presented in Company’s home page.
  • Company may change content of the service at its discretion, without consent of Client.

Article 4 (Service charge and way of payment)
  • Service charge and way of payment shall be those presented in Company’s home page.
  • Starting date payable of CUP. COM service shall be the first date in the month or the year after expiration of trial period. If there is no payment thereafter, Company may cease CUP. COM service at any time.
  • Receiving bank account for payment of service charge and way of payment from Client to Company shall be designated by Company.
  • Even though it is necessary to use CUP. COM service, all expenses, including expenses of PC and devices, fee to Internet service provider and telephone charge, shall be borne by Client.
  • Company may revise the service charge without consent of Client. Provided however, Company shall give Client pre-notice of it.

Article 5 (Prohibition)
  • In use of CUP.COM service, the following acts shall be prohibited.

    1. Use P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing software. (WinMX, Winny, Share, Bit Torrent, etc.)
    2. Pass information offensive to public rules and morals; information including defaming, slander, obscenity, etc.
    3. Send spam mail and post spam.
    4. Abuse free trail by repeating enrollment and withdrawal within the trial period in order to avoid the charge.
    5. Misuse the service to damage reliability of Company’s static IP address.
    6. Act against law.
    7. Give an excessive load to Company’s equipment to impede use of other clients.
    8. Trouble the third party in violation of manner.

  • If Company judges that Client acted in violation of the above, Company may stop use of Client or delete the result without notice to Client.

Article 6 (Cancellation of qualification)
  • In case that Client’s conduct comes under the followings, Company may suspend or cancel qualification of Client.

    1. Client made false declaration in registration.
    2. Client did prohibited conduct stipulated in Articled 5.
    3. Client delayed payment of the service charge or rejected it.
    4. Company judged that Client did not deserve Company’s client.

  • In case that qualification of Client is suspended or cancelled, the charge already paid shall not be returned to Client.

Article 7 (Withdrawal of Client)
  • In case that Client withdraws from CUP.COM service, Client shall notify Company of its intention.
  • In case that Client withdraws, the charge already paid shall not be returned to Client.

Article 8 (Operation and maintenance of system)
  • System for CUP.COM service shall be available, basically 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Provided however, in case that Company ceases operation by reason of maintenance of system, repair of equipment or other unavoidable reasons, Company shall notify Client without delay. In case of emergency, the notice may be omitted.
  • In case that cessation or suspension of system occurs by the above reason, Company shall not be responsible at all.
  • In case that cessation or suspension of system occurs by Company’s fault, Company shall respond by extension of service period.

Article 9 (Confidentiality of private information and use information)
  • Company shall not disclose and supply private information and use information of Client to other than Client, and use the information beyond necessity to provide CUP.COM service. Provided however, if Company judges it necessary to provide CUP.COM service, Company may disclose the information to the third party on condition that Company should let the third party keep the information confidential.
  • When inquired by such authority to have judicial power as police, prosecutor, prosecutor’s officer, Tax officer, narcotics agent, association of lawyers and court, and when Company judge it appropriate, Company may disclose private information and use information of Client without consent of Client, to the extent that it is based on law and necessary.

Article 10 (Exemption of indemnification)
  • Company shall be exempted from indemnification against all damages of Client in use of CUP.COM service.
  • In case that Client gave damage to others by use of CUP.COM service, Client shall solve it under its own responsibility and never give damage to Company.
  • In case that CUP.COM service was suspended or ceased by cause beyond control of Company (natural disaster, etc.), Company shall be free from any obligation.

Article 11 (Change of registered information)
  • When registered information of Client changed, Client shall notify Company of the change without delay.
  • In case that Client neglects the notice and as the result notice form company delays or does not reach Client’s, Company shall be free from any obligation.

Article 12 (Effective date)
  • This Terms shall be effective on the date when Company accepted registration of Client.

Article 13 (Revision of Terms)
  • Company may change or revise this Terms at its discretion, without consent of Client.
  • Revised Terms shall apply to all matters between Client and Company.

Article 14 (Jurisdiction)
  • If a dispute arise between Client and Company and be brought to court, court with jurisdiction for first instance shall be court presiding over Company’s place.

Article 15 (Observation of law)
  • Client shall observe laws and regulations of Japan and country of client.